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We are the UI, UX, design and development specialists.

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Escape Velocity is a boutique digital shop that brings flexibility and expertise to the ballpark. We are a team of hungry geeks craving a challenge. As creative as we can get we play with modern and relevant technologies. If we can't locate suitable technologies we built them.

As a startup with a team of experts we bring a unique flavor to the vibrant digital scene. Our culture is quite hyper, actively on a lookout for fresh cool ideas. We live with the idea of serving the startup world.

ESCAPE VELOCITY as a development agency is structured with discipline. We are clean and precise with code. Our development team carries passion for innovation and eye catching digital brilliance.

We embrace startups brave enough to step into the ring. Each of our members bring their experience to the test. As often we are faced with new challenges, turning the impossible to possible. ESCAPE VELOCITY is challenge oriented using only the best technologies and experts to bring that big idea to life.


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